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How do you protect yourself from online insurance fraud?

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Like all other digitized domains, online insurance is not free from fraudulent practices. Fraudsters rely on a diversification of sophisticated strategies to deceive the vigilance of consumers and sometimes even the most informed.

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Here are some practical and crucial tips to help you protect yourself from these unfriendly situations.

What solutions to avoid an online insurance fraud?

To protect himself from more fraudulent attempts on the Internet, the insured must exercise caution and patience while remaining strategic. See here the various precautions you must take for this purpose.

Check the identity of the insurance companies

Faced with the rise of fraudsters on the Internet, especially in the world of insurance, the authorities offer registries that are regularly created and which list all officially recognized insurance companies. For this purpose, is not only a reliable provider, but also a public and practical registry for authenticating insurance companies.

Thanks to this public phone book, you will be able to verify the identity of the insurance companies that contact you for a possible contract. Make sure that the information available in your register (business name, address, activity, etc.) exactly matches that provided by your telephone correspondent. However, there are well-known and reliable addresses that guarantee you better offers and a wide range of formulas such as MAAF.

Pay attention to calls

Today, taking out insurance online requires vigilance, especially in the face of received calls. In fact, when you receive every call, don’t hesitate to first ask your interlocutor the name of his company and whether it is a local number or not. If he says he’s contacting you on behalf of the insurance, it’s a good idea to be wary. Indeed, it is possible that he is not your underwriter, in which case there is probably a scam on the horizon. Ideally, consider sending it to the backlist and choose another company.

Avoid making a hasty decision

Be aware that choosing car insurance or any other type of insurance must be done carefully and with caution.

Regardless of the urgency, you must exercise patience and take time to mature your reflection on the various offers received. This vigilance is all the more important if the offer seems attractive enough to you. In addition, if the promotional offer is accompanied by some kind of pressure and turns out to be very short, the scam takes shape more explicitly.

Notify the authorities

If you think you’ve been contacted by a scammer, don’t hesitate to contact the authorities. To do this, contact the departmental directorate responsible for the protection of populations, who will be able to take the necessary measures to overcome these bad intentions. It will thus be able to compile a file of the various requests and put an intervention strategy in place. Note that the Supervisory Control and Resolution Authority is also at your disposal to assist you with your precautionary approach.

Some Fraudulent Strategies Used by Scammers

The SMS scam is a new technique that pays off for people with bad intentions. The victims are generally the inattentive policyholders who often want to avoid a troublesome call.

In practice, the concept is that the fraudster calls a consumer and pretends to be an adviser from his insurance company. He then tries to convince him of the need to add a new guarantee that he had not signed before.

The insured then receives a promotional code, which he communicates to his interlocutor. Unfortunately, he doesn’t end up with a new warranty in his wallet, but a new insurance policy from a company he doesn’t know.

In addition, some scammers send fraudulent mail under the identity of certain organizations, such as Social Security. To protect yourself from these fraudulent practices, check the domain name, which would definitely not be the social security name.

Similarly, if customer service is mentioned for health insurance, it is a scam because Social Security does not offer customer service.




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