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How does the number of points lost affect your car insurance rate?

When you are subjected to a withdrawal of points without this resulting in the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license, your insurance company is not informed of the situation. Therefore, the loss of points you just registered will not have a negative impact on your insurance premium.

However, there is a special scenario, that is, in the case of a responsible claim. In such a situation, your insurance company will become aware of the damage. There may thus be an increase in your premium depending on the insurance company’s policy. It is not uncommon to get a 25% increase when you are responsible for an injury.

Therefore, it is important that you clearly define the terms of your contract before committing. Not only do you need to do a car insurance quote to direct you to the insurance company that offers you the best rate, but you also need to be aware of all the clauses.

What impact on the bonus-malus coefficient in case of loss of points?

Bonus-malus, also called the reduction coefficient, does not change when you lose points. In fact, you are only subject to a penalty when you commit a responsible accident.

Therefore, a loss of points will not lead to any negative change to your bonus-malus coefficient. This will only be the case if the loss of points is accompanied by a fault claim.

Thus, when you have a few points left on your driving licence, it is important to adjust your level of insurance to protect yourself should you ever be involved in a responsible accident.

The impact of driving license suspension on your car insurance

If you make more mistakes when driving your car, you earn loss of points. This may result in the loss of your driver’s license.

In the event of suspension, revocation or invalidation of the license, your insurance company is entitled to terminate your contract. If not, the most likely situation is that your insurance will increase its annual premium. In fact, you will be considered a risk profile.

You should know that from the moment your insurance company terminates your car insurance contract, you will automatically be registered in the AGIRA register of terminated drivers.

As a result, you will experience greater difficulties in finding a new car contract.

The right method to find insurance as a terminated driver

If your insurance company wants to terminate your contract due to your accumulation of loss of points leading to the cancellation of your driver’s license, certain precautions are necessary. Once you’ve regained your driving license, you’ll actually need insurance to travel on public roads.

But beware, your insurance premium may increase accordingly, so it is important to compare existing offers. Before any subscription, use an online comparator to identify the most interesting contract in terms of guarantee, but also in terms of pricing.

By doing it this way, you have an overview of the various existing guarantees, while also taking into account pricing practices. You will receive several free offers without obligation.

Be careful as a premium increase applies to compensate for the financial risk. Other companies can also limit access to guarantees, i.e. only to civil liability.

What to remember about the loss of points

As you can see, the loss of points on your driving license will have no direct impact on your car insurance. This will only be the case if you lose your license or if you are responsible for an injury. Your insurer thus sanctions you financially with a premium increase.




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