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How to choose the right health insurance in relation to your health needs?

What criteria should be used to select a mutual? This is an excellent question. Take the time to study several points before deciding: your health needs and those of your dependents; the guarantees offered in such and such offer; disclaimers of warranties; reimbursement rates; your financial means… Once these various topics have been researched, your ideas will undoubtedly be clearer to choose your future mutual insurance company. One offer can even stand out from the others in an obvious way!

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Choose the right mutual according to your needs

Do you wear glasses or contact lenses? Have your kids been sucking their thumbs for too long and their teeth need braces to get back on track? Are you seriously considering getting prescribed hearing aids so that you are not isolated in the middle of a conversation?

Everyone has a history and specific needs in terms of general health costs, dental, optical, gynecological… Take stock as objectively as possible so as not to miss any predictable treatment that needs to be funded. Some health care companies offer guarantees that will seem more or less suitable for you. Indeed, optical or dental costs can quickly become expensive… and so can hospitalization costs.

Choose the right mutual as per the guarantees and reimbursement levels

Choosing a good mutual according to your health needs means comparing the proposals of different organizations. Do not hesitate to use online comparators, which will allow you to save precious time and not miss the most interesting offer in terms of guarantees, but also reimbursement rates.

Be that as it may, even if you have to adapt your mutual to your budget, don’t forget that certain guarantees must absolutely be included in the offer: routine care and optics and dentists, which are not covered by the insurance’s illness, and which may put you in a difficult financial situation if you were to undertake them yourself.

Choosing the right health insurance for seniors

The moment you choose your mutual health insurance is also when it is better to be honest with yourself. And if your age increases, it is better to consider more comprehensive coverage. This does not mean that your health suddenly drops; but it is important to be prepared for when your health care costs increase.

Most complementary health organizations have developed mutual insurance tailored to seniors, thus offering enhanced guarantees for dental implants, hearing aids, hospitalization or even optical care.

Choose the right health insurance for the family

It can be a good idea financially to take out a family mutual subscription because it gives you the opportunity to insure the whole family without having to multiply individual contracts. You can also link your child to the contract you choose.

Some mutual insurance offers may also allow you to benefit from additional services, such as the intervention of a housekeeper or childcare. Although they do not have a direct relationship to health, they can be more significant if you have little time to devote to the maintenance of your apartment or house, or your schedules do not allow picking up your children from school or daycare.

Consider the exclusions of warranties

Do not skip reading the general conditions of your mutual health insurance offer, which indicate possible exclusions of guarantees. How many policyholders have not had the unpleasant surprise of discovering these after taking out their contract! This could be the absence of coverage for a service such as cosmetic surgery or a stay in a nursing home; or behavior judged to be culpable, such as a suicide attempt, an injury resulting from the consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs, or even the practice of an extreme sport. You can find the reimbursement limits in your table of guarantees.



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