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How to cool your dog or cat during the heat wave expected this week?

The next few days will be hot. Very hot. According to Météo-France, a heat wave will hit France this week with temperatures well above 30°C. This hot air will arrive in France from the South-West before spreading first over the entire southern half on Wednesday and then north.

For the southern half, the peak will be Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with 35 to 39°C, even 40°C locally. In these difficult climatic conditions, we will have to protect ourselves but also and above all pay attention to the pets that share our daily lives. Here’s how to protect and ensure that our furry friends don’t suffer too much from the heat.

Why do they suffer from heat and who are the most sensitive?

The main thing to do is to watch them. Since they don’t sweat like us, it shows less. You will therefore have to be careful. This is because dogs regulate their temperature by panting through their mouths and are very sensitive to the effects of heat, especially very young animals: puppies and kittens, the very old and the heart-sick.

According to the SPA, among the fragile species, there are also those with crushed noses such as bulldogs or Persian cats who have more difficulty breathing in normal times, as well as very hairy dogs, such as the Newfoundland or the huskies who suffer more from the heat. Open your eyes, then.

What are the symptoms of heat stroke?

If your pet is agitated, breathing very very hard, panting a lot, drooling, having diarrhea or regurgitating, it is possible that he is suffering from heat stroke. Still according to the SPA, the animal may have very red, brick-colored gums. In this case, you should consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.

The longer we delay, the less chance we have of saving him. A dog’s temperature is around 38, 39 degrees. Above, you have to worry and bring it urgently when it reaches 40 degrees.

What are the main tips for protecting them?

To best protect your animal, it must be allowed to cool down by doubling or even tripling their ration of water that is not too cold, and above all not icy. They should also be hydrated several times a day. For example, you can wet your dog on the head, neck or chest. Your dog will avoid a heat stroke if he is cool in the house, with the shutters closed and with a fan close to where he sleeps.

For walks, they should be done early in the morning and late in the evening, during the coolest hours of the day. “A short half-hour outing in an air-conditioned car is a good solution for old dogs!”, says a veterinarian. It is also important to favor food containing water such as pâtés, cooked vegetables: zucchini or green beans.

The cat, being native to hot countries, supports the heat much better. He appreciates being refreshed with an atomizer, just like the ferret. If you have rabbits, watch them too. These little animals do not tolerate heat well. You can also put small cups of water on your windowsills, for the birds. And as for humans, against “heat stroke”, nothing beats rest.



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