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How to find the cheapest car insurance?

Insuring your vehicle is a mandatory action. However, the cost of this insurance is sometimes very expensive. In this case, the car insurance premium constitutes a fairly large part of the monthly budget. The solution to avoid this situation is to take out cheaper car insurance. To find it, you need to act on criteria that generally lower the price of car insurance, use a comparator and ensure the options included in your insurance contract.

The various criteria that lower the price of car insurance

Insurance companies freely set prices for car insurance. They traditionally refer to specific statistics and criteria to define risk driver profiles. In order to find the cheapest car insurance, it is essential to check the type of vehicle you want to cover before dwelling on other criteria.

The vehicle type

The type or class of car is the first consideration of insurance companies when it comes to insurance rates. The more powerful the car and the more fuel it uses, the higher the car insurance. In an effort to lower the cost of monthly insurance payments, it is therefore necessary ensure the fiscal horsepower (CV) of the vehicle., its consumption, its brand, its model and its value. In this case, it is advisable to choose a mid-range car with a less powerful engine.

The geographical area

According to statistics on the number of accidents, driving in areas with low urban concentration is less risky than driving in built-up areas. If you move frequently in a rural areayou can benefit from more favorable prices than if you were in an urban area.

The type of parking

A vehicle regularly parked on the street is more at risk of damage than a vehicle in a closed garage. To lower the price of car insurance by a few tens of euros, choose parking in private garage closed or in a secure public car park.

The annual mileage

The car owner’s driving habits are part of the various parameters that make up the total cost of his insurance. By playing on driving habits, especially on the distance traveled, it is possible to lower the price of car insurance. In fact, if the car drives few kilometers on a daily basis, the annual mileage estimate is not high. Then you can pay a cheaper insurance premium.

In addition to these criteria, others may allow you to reduce your car insurance monthly payments a few euros. It is :

  • the age of your driver’s license,
  • your age,
  • the number of notified claims,
  • your driving history.

As you will have understood, by using all these criteria, you will be able to save money when signing your car insurance contract.

The comparator to find cheap car insurance

The car insurance comparison is a tool available on several online platforms. It is practical to find the cheapest car insurance on the market and especially the one that is adapted to your needs. This tool can help you compare car insurance quotes of more than 25 companies with a few clicks.

It is therefore a quick way to compete with offers from several brands and try to lower the price of your car insurance by several tens of euros. According to a study by the Ipsos institute, you save an average of €360 per year by using a car insurance comparison tool.

The use of these online comparators is also free and requires no commitment on your part. All you have to do is give the tool some information about your identity, driving history, car features and driving habits. The comparator then takes care of itself do a car insurance simulation in order to be able to offer you detailed offers adapted to your profile, your car and your needs.

These car insurance quotes or quotes are generally sorted in ascending order according to the rates. Other important details to read include:

  • the insurance formula,
  • guarantees,
  • disclaimers,
  • franchise,
  • compensation deadlines.

It is obviously necessary consider prices to find the cheapest car insurance. Also pay attention to details that can affect the total cost of the insurance.

The options for depositing and taking out car insurance

Some options offered in car insurance quotes are mandatory while others are not. You must ensure that you include in the contract all the options that are essential according to the law, such as e.g liability guarantee.

In return, you can remove optional options so that your car insurance becomes the cheapest possible. These include, for example, additional warranties such as the “vehicle contents” warranty and the “storm” warranty. Choose only the options that are adapted to your situation, your habits and the level of coverage you want. You can call a specialist to choose the options before signing the insurance contract.



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