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important criteria for making a choice

Choosing life insurance is not always easy. Still, it is a reliable and necessary investment in consumers’ lives.

How can you be sure not to make a mistake and find the right investment, the one that will be the most profitable for you?
How to determine the best offer?
What elements must be taken into account?

Here are 4 points to check before committing.

What should you rely on to choose the right life insurance?

The contracts differ depending on the organization. Billing units may be limited to three or four units, while others offer hundreds. How to find it? First of all, it is important to have effective support and to be supported by an expert.

Benefit from optimal support

The first thing to check is the content of the accompaniment.
Is it a simple briefing at the time of signing the contract, or does the follow-up last throughout your investment? Are advisors transparent?
Are the terms of the contract clear?

Ask yourself the right questions. Some online life insurance formulas allow you to manage your funds from an ergonomic dashboard. Get access to many intuitive and user-friendly tools. Some investors provide access to this type of platform.

The goal? Democratize placement and make it accessible to as many people as possible.

Choose life insurance based on unit-linked

As we mentioned earlier, there are a multitude of units of account. What does it consist of? Buying units of account means investing in a share of the real estate or furniture market.

This money will be subject to market fluctuations and will necessarily experience fluctuations with increases and decreases.

Analyze the options to analyze your options, but above all to have an investment that suits you.

Be aware of payment and administration fees

Fees vary depending on the contract and organization you choose.

For example, at ActiveSeed, fees are capped at 1.20% on annual savings. Others offer fees tailored to their support and services.

Here, it is essential to look at support and management tools rather than the value of fees. Actually make a value for money life insurance. This comparison and this study regarding the offers on the market will allow you to make the best decision according to your wishes and needs.

Choose your life insurance: Be interested in the fund’s return in euros

In theory, the interest you receive is locked in for your benefit. However, this performance can be more or less efficient.

For the year 2022, life insurance gave between 1.70% and 2% interest. Depending on the performance you will earn money. Customize the contract using the tools provided by certain organizations and get the best return!

To do this, you need to do an analysis of the fluctuations in the fund share you want to invest in. You will have a better idea of ​​what can reasonably be expected over the coming year.

Compare these 4 criteria and choose the contract that, in your opinion, allows you to prepare for your retirement or save a nest egg over the years.

Discuss with experts to make the best investments for your life insurance. They will be able to give you personal advice.



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