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In conflict with the National Health Insurance, the analysis laboratories are closed from 9 to 15 January in Limousin

For two months, discussions have stalled between the sector and the state following the vote on the Finance Act on social security. “Our national representatives have collectively explained the situation, but without listening to the National Health Insurance Fund (CNAM)”, laments Éric Sevin, head of the 10 Biolyss laboratories in Limousin (within the Inovie group).

Closed from 9 to 15 January

According to the profession, it earned “850 million euros during the Covid crisis” when projections “reach 1.3 billion in savings requested by CNAM by 2026”. “The question is not whether to participate in the savings effort or not. Our unions have put counter-proposals on the table regarding a large part of the gains so far, in the order of 685 million euros”, says Éric Sevin. The latter recalls that “in addition, it is not the laboratories that set their prices” and that his sector “at the time had criticized the systematization of PCR tests”.

For professionals, “wanting to take back much more than the gains of the sector is to question its model”, to stop the creation of potential jobs and “to take the risk of laboratory closures, especially in rural areas like Limousin”.

The law, which has given the CNAM and the sector until February 1 to agree, sees the laboratories in the strike as “the only lever to put pressure on the state”.

This week the Covid tests have been carried out and their results sent to the patients. But these results are deliberately not reported in the national databases that follow the epidemic.

From January 9 to 15, Biolyss and many laboratories throughout France will be closed. An extra push.

Medical biology laboratories mobilized since mid-November in Limousin

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