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In Lyon, “500 lawyers have an annual salary of less than €15,000” (video)

Marie-Josèphe Laurent, new President of the Lyon Bar

The new president of the Lyon Bar Association gives her first television interview to 6 minutes chrono, the daily program of Lyon Capitale.

Second Bar of France (behind that of Paris but representing 1/10th of the latter), with 3,700 lawyers, regional economic agent producing more than 530 million euros in turnover, the Bar of Lyon has a new door -word.

Since January 1, 2022, Me Marie-Josèphe Laurent and Me Jean-François Barre have been President and Deputy President respectively. For her first television, the new boss of Lyon lawyers has chosen Lyon Capitale to express herself.

Dupont-Moretti under fire from critics

Role of the chairman, impoverishment of part of the Lyon bar, means and functioning of justice… local and national, all subjects are covered. And the Keeper of the Seals, Eric Dupont-Moretti may be from the seraglio, he takes it for his rank.

Example: the means granted to justice. Under Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term, 2.2 billion euros in additional budgetary resources were granted, a jump of 30%, and 7,400 full-time equivalent jobs created. “What our Keeper of the Seals forgets to specify when he quotes the increase in the justice budget is to say that a large majority is targeted towards the penitentiary administration.”



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