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In search of her lost dog, she finds him on the knees of a famous actress in the middle of filming

The owner of a lost Dachshund was not only relieved to find him, but she had the surprise of her life when she found him in Hilary Swank’s lap. The 47-year-old actress was filming in the neighborhood.

A dog who had escaped from his owner’s home was finally brought home safe and sound. And it’s none other than the American actress Hilary Swank who found her, while she was turning. A story told by Times Union Tuesday, June 7.

Chelsea Blackwell adopted his dog Blue 15 years earlier. Between the senior Dachshund and its owner, the bonds are therefore extremely strong. So when the quadruped vanished on Monday, June 6, she oscillated between panic and dismay.

As soon as she noticed the disappearance of Bluethis resident ofAlbany, in the State of New York, began to rake the surrounding streets at the wheel of her car. She stopped to ask passers-by if they had seen her 4-legged friend, but no one seemed to have seen him.

As she continued to drive and search for her dog, she noticed several police vehicles and cameras clustered on one of the city streets. At first she thought she saw a crime scene, a shooting scene, but that was not the case; it was a shoot.

Chelsea Blackwell stopped to go see a group of technicians and ask them, without much conviction, if they had seen her Blue providing them with its description. When they replied in the affirmative, she could not believe her ears. However, she was not at the end of her surprises.

Reunion and souvenir photo with Hilary Swank

They told him that a celebrity had found him, without revealing his name. Then, after a long wait, a gray car approached Chelsea Blackwell ; inside it was fine Blue who was waiting for him. He sat peacefully on the lap ofHilary Swankseen in “Million Dollar Baby », « The Black Dahlia », « Write to exist », « PS I Love You “or the series” Trust “.

Chelsea Blackwell warmly thanked her, before asking her for an autograph. The actress offered him better; a souvenir photo. A shot with Blue as an undisputed star and that his mistress obviously shared on social networks.

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