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In the event of a canceled trip, claim your insurance by following these steps

It is true that programming a trip involves a certain budget, even before departure. Between the payments that need to be made for reservations, visa fees or even plane tickets, any cancellation can be very bad for the wallet. Fortunately, with appropriate insurance, it is possible to limit the damage. Here are the steps to follow in this case.

Don’t delay in cancelling

As soon as the departure for the holiday is compromised, it is necessary to react quickly. Some cancellations may be freeprovided that a certain deadline is met.

Furthermore, it is likely that the later the decision is made, the more the sanctions will increase. So don’t wait too long. The topo is the same for the declaration to the insurance, which must be done as soon as possible.

Gather all relevant supporting documents

When arranging a trip, a number of documents can be provided to holidaymakers. It is therefore recommended to keep any supporting documents that are made available, as these can be used in the case. It can be unused airline tickets, bills, receipts, etc. In the event of a cancellation due to ill health, medical documentation can also be used.

Specify non-refundable fees

It is not always automatic that an insurance company compensates 100% of its client. According to the terms of the contracts, a certain amount may remain the responsibility of the subscriber. This non-refundable portion is commonly called the deductible. The amount varies, but as a general rule it constitutes a share of 20%.

Pay attention to the warranty conditions

In addition, it is important to check the terms of the insurance contract as well as the guarantees provided before starting an effective process of requesting reimbursement. It all depends on the company’s packages and offers.

It can, for example, be that the reasons for the cancellation cannot be accepted. The best would be to opt for an all-risk contract that covers any ground provided the events are beyond the subscriber’s control.

Enter consumer service

Insurance companies are of course entitled to refuse to perform a refund provided it complies with the terms of the contract. However, there may still be a little vagueness about certain clauses. It is then possible to negotiate with consumer service.



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