Incredible discovery! This thing dug up by dogs on the grounds of a rich mansion

It’s a surprising discovery by landscapers while working on the grounds of a wealthy Silicon Valley mansion in Atherton, California. As they turned the soil, they came across an object they never thought they would see buried in a garden.

Car was reported stolen in 1992 in Palo Alto

Stunned, they contacted Atherton police who went to the scene and called in the dog team to search for possible human remains. A car was actually buried in the garden with bags of concrete inside. According to The Guardian, the vehicle had been reported stolen in 1992 in Palo Alto, and safely buried in the 90s before the new owners arrived.

Because the mansion was once owned by a wealthy criminal, who died in 2015, who had the house built. His criminal record and his criminal history are quite significant, as according to our colleagues from RMC, the man had been charged with “insurance fraud” after hiring the police to sink his yacht to the bottom of the water. However, its antecedents go back to 1960, when he was convicted of murdering a 21-year-old woman in Los Angeles before the conviction was overturned by the California Supreme Court on the basis of inadmissible evidence. Subsequently, in 1977, the man was also found guilty of two attempted murders and spent three years (…)


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