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Rresident of the United States (US), Gabonese entrepreneurs gathered on the platform All together for common actions (TEAC) wants to support the government of their country of origin in promoting investment, their platform aims to establish a partnership between the Gabonese administration and the diaspora. The idea developed by these entrepreneurs is to strengthen trade and investment between the United States and Gabon.

Hugues Mbadinga Madiya surrounded by Ghislain Moandza Mboma (left) and Pacôme Moubelet Boubeya (right). © DR

Snapshot of the meeting. © DR

Several studies have shown that migrants who are well integrated in the host country contribute significantly to the development of their country of origin.“, assures the Ministry of Investment Promotion, according to which the Gabonese diaspora has a strong potential”that must be integrated“. Because of this, the Gabonese government represented by the Minister of Industry, Pacôme Moubelet Boubeya, and the Minister of Investment Promotion, Hugues Mbadinga Madiya, expressed their support last Friday in the United States for the organization of a business forum around themes related to the development of Gabon.

The meeting, which took place on the sidelines of the US-Africa Summit, held from December 13 to 15 in Washington DC and was attended by Ghislain Moandza Mboma, the Director General of the National Agency for the Promotion of Investments (ANPI-Gabon) ) , made it possible to discuss with entrepreneurs from the Gabonese diaspora in the United States about investment opportunities and procedures for establishing companies in Gabon, as well as about projects carried out by entrepreneurs from this diaspora. Opportunity for Hugues Mbadinga Madiya to review the various reforms that the government has implemented to improve the business climate in the country.

In particular, the texts that are already in the parliamentary circuit and which are positioned as progress in improving the business environment in Gabon in terms of taking into account, among other things, the protection of investors, the settlement of disputes, a balanced development of the country, the rationalization of the benefits to investors, stimulating significant job creation. Added to these texts is the government’s adoption on 11 August 2021 of the roadmap for 32 reforms with a view to improving the business environment in the country. Enough to seduce entrepreneurs from the Gabonese diaspora in the United States who now want to establish themselves as partners of the Gabonese government. Their idea, to strengthen trade and investment between Uncle Sam’s country and Gabon.

Collectively within the All Together for Common Actions (TEAC) platform, these entrepreneurs, according to the Ministry of Investment Promotion, show the image of a diaspora capable of undertaking. “These compatriots actually play their natural role as a lever for development, just like the diasporas in several other African countries.“, assesses the ministry, according to which members of the government who were invited to this forum did not fail to welcome such initiatives that participate in the construction of Gabon. The meeting also concluded with the decision to create exchange platforms to maintain dialogue with the Gabonese diaspora in the United States.

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