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Israel’s “long-term harassment” of a Franco-Palestinian lawyer

Considered as “one of the leading figures, on both sides of the Mediterranean, of the Palestinian struggle for freedom”, Salah Hamouri is seen as “a political icon by its defenders”, but like “a threat to national security by Israel”, writes the Lebanese daily The East-The Day, which devotes a portrait to the 37-year-old Franco-Palestinian lawyer.

Arrested last March at his home in East Jerusalem, Hamouri saw his administrative detention – a controversial measure that allows the Jewish state to incarcerate suspects without formal charges –, which ended on June 6, 2022, extended by three months.

This lawyer is one of the 600 prisoners administratively detained in Israeli prisons, where around 4,600 Palestinian political prisoners are also incarcerated.

For Israeli military justice, it combines two faults. On the one hand, he



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