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Italy in shock: Italian billionaire calls Neapolitan pizza a ‘brick of dough with a puddle of tomatoes’

Napoli are angry after Flavio Briatore’s disparaging remarks. The Italian billionaire and businessman who owns several restaurants around the world, offers pizzas at prices from 15 to 115€. Italian specialties that are not lacking in luxury.

Often criticized for the exorbitant prices of his pizzas, the extremely wealthy boss attacked Neapolitan pizza. She is the goddess of pizza and she is very popular in the region. It is simply made up of tomatoes, mozzarella and a few basil leaves, sometimes with garnishes such as olives or anchovies. And the best part of all this is that these pizzas, which are the pride of the region, are sold for only three or four euros.

Unesco World Heritage

The Neapolitan has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2017. The art of making it in a traditional way, makes this pizza a treasure to be protected and not to be touched.

But the extravagant and provocative Flavio Briatore began to compare the Neapolitan of “brick of dough with a puddle of tomatoes”, an outing that does not leave Naples unmoved. The Association of Pizzaiolos of Naples qualifies these remarks “of a betrayal of the legacy of pizza“.

A pizza war in the Campanian city… Case to follow!



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