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Johnny Depp hugged by his lawyer: his response to the photo that caused so much talk

Tired of the many rumors about her relationship with Johnny Depp, her lawyer Camille Vasquez defended herself. With the media universityon Thursday, June 9, 2022, she returned to the photo of her hugging the ex-husband of Amber Heard in the middle of a trial.

Alongside Johnny Depp and opposite Amber Heard, the star of the trial was her. Lawyer for the 59-year-old actor, Camille Vasquez was ruthless with the star of Aquaman. While the two sulphurous exes clashed in Fairfax court (in Virginia, United States) against a backdrop of scandalous revelations accusing each other of defamation, his complicity with his client did not go unnoticed. Smiles and hugs were enough to panic the Web who saw it the beginning of an idyll. In an interview with universityThursday, June 9, 2022, spotted by Newsweekthe lawyer of the firm Brown Rudnick returned to the many rumors.

Asked about a photo of her hugging Johnny Depp in court, the one who defended Vanessa Paradis’ ex alongside lawyer Ben Chew explained:Of course I hugged him. He’s my friend, but he’s my client first, and he was going through something very difficult.”. A closeness that she explained: “I really love my clients and I’m Hispanic, I like hugging and touching people, not kissing them. But I gave him a hug because he needed it.

Brendan Smialowski/AP/SIPA

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Camille Vasquez disappointed by rumors about her relationship with Johnny Depp

Interviewed by the magazine People on his relationship with Lily-Rose Depp’s dad, Camille Vasquez judged “disappointing” that “some media have picked up on the matter or said that my interactions with Johnny – who is a friendwhom I have known and represented for four and a half years now – were inappropriate or unprofessional”.

Before adding: I care deeply about my clients, and we obviously became close. But when I say us, I mean the whole team, and of course that includes Johnny. And then, I am Cuban and Colombian. I am tactile. What do you want me to tell you? I hug everyone. And I’m not ashamed of it. That is who it is!

Photo credits: Kevin Lamarque/AP/SIPA



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