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Johnny Depp trial: his lawyer Camille Vasquez responds to affair rumors

After weeks of a particularly resounding trial, and no less than 13 hours of deliberation, the jurors recognized Amber Heard, guilty of defamation against Johnny Depp. The actress was ordered to pay 15 million dollars in damages to the interpreter of Jack Sparrow, while the latter was ordered to pay her 2 million dollars. If Johnny Depp was obviously particularly highlighted during this very media trial, this is also the case of his lawyer Camille Vasquez.

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An affair with Johnny Depp?

Seeing the complicity between Johnny Depp and Camille Vasquez, social networks and the media quickly got carried away and rumors of a romance between the two interested parties emerged. Rumors that no one had yet answered. But it is now done.

During an interview with People, lawyer Camille Vasquez decided to break the silence to contradict these rumors which, according to her, have no basis: “It’s quite sad that some media say that my exchanges with Johnny – who is a friend I have known and represented for four and a half years – are somehow inappropriate or unprofessional. It’s sad to hear […] I care very deeply about my clients, and obviously we have become close. But when I say us, I mean the whole team, and of course that includes Johnny […] And, I am Cuban and Colombian. I am tactile. What do you want me to say ? I hug everyone. And I’m not ashamed of that. »

Strong words from the new favorite lawyer of the stars, and which have the merit of making things clear. She also pointed out how these rumors were sexist and would never have seen the light of day if Johnny Depp’s lawyer had been a man.



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