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Johnny Depp willing to give up lawsuit money to help Amber Heard? His lawyers confide

On Wednesday June 1, 2022, Johnny Depp won his famous lawsuit against Amber Heard, his ex-wife, whom he accused of defamation after seeing her accuse him of domestic violence during their marriage. At the end of six weeks spent in a court in Virginia (USA), punctuated by numerous important testimonies, the jury has indeed recognized that the actress ofAquaman 2 had defamed the comedian through three statements considered to be “false” and imagined with “a real wickedness“.

Amber Heard too poor to pay Johnny Depp fines

But that’s not all, accused of having “despised the truth knowing that the statements were probably false“, Amber Heard was also sentenced to a $10 million fine for compensatory damagesbut also to a $5 million fine for punitive damages (which was actually reduced to $350,000 due to a specific law in Virginia), to serve as an example.

The problem ? As the actress’s lawyer recently confided, she would not be able to pay such sums, the fault of a career still too fruitless, even though she had received 7 million dollars at following their divorce in May 2016. And when we know that it is already rumored that this sentence could see her quickly blacklisted in Hollywood (and therefore…

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