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La Cité Scolaire welcomed a lawyer to the Paris Bar

A few days ago, Maître Patrice Dreiski met the 110 4th grade students of the Néracais establishment to introduce them to law.

This is an initiative worth highlighting. Like many establishments, the Cité scolaire organizes activities to introduce its students to citizenship. In this context, the establishment received Maître Patrice Dreiski a few days ago. This lawyer at the Paris bar exchanged with the 112 4th graders for several hours. “I present to them the principles of law, the independence of justice, the absence of discrimination, equality before the law… But above all there are a lot of exchanges. This testifies to an interest on the part of the students”, underlines the lawyer.

“It’s part of the construction of college students”

This initiative is part of an event organized by all the French bars and by the National Education. “The objective is to show them that the law accompanies them from now on in their life as college students”, explains Maître Patrice Dreiski. “It is important that they are aware of what the law is. This will be used to train schoolchildren and future citizens”. A feeling shared by the deputy headmaster of the Cité scolaire de Nérac, Fabien Delair. “We need the students to have benchmarks in relation to the notion of justice. This is part of their construction”. If the assessment has not yet been made, this initiative should bring a lot to the students, who are very curious during this moment of exchange. “This is the first year that we have done on this theme. We will see with the teachers what it could bring them, but I hope it will help them to build themselves as future citizens. They must grow in every sense of the word”, supports Fabien Delair. “And then, if it can arouse vocations, why not… It’s good to have professionals, because the students ask how to become a lawyer. This questions the students”. Concerned about the future of its middle and high school students, the Cité scolaire also has a CESC (Health and Citizenship Education Committee), “a body of the establishment that is brought to life through interventions such as this one”. Thus, other activities should take place in the coming weeks within the Néracais establishment.



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