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La Seyne-sur-Mer inaugurates the “Toutou Beach”, a beach accessible to dogs

Faced with numerous requests from residents for a beach accessible to dogs, the municipality has set up this “Toutou Beach”, with however a few rules to respect. Not all dogs are allowed.

Four-legged friends now have their own beach at La Seyne-sur-Mer. The municipality inaugurated this month its “Toutou Beach”, a beach accessible to dogs, a few steps from the nautical base.

“The dog owners said that we did not have a beach dedicated to dogs, and therefore went to the surroundings, to Bandol, or a little further”, explains Nathalie Soriano, municipal councilor responsible for Tourism and Animal Protection. “So we created it for them.”

From now on, even the inhabitants of other municipalities come to walk their dog in La Seyne-sur-Mer. “We come from Six-Fours”, says Jérémy, who has come for a walk with his dog Ruby.

“Basically, there’s a dog beach there, but it’s not super secure. It’s quiet there, and it’s mostly secure. If the dog leaves, there’s no of cars that can pass.”

Certain dog breeds prohibited

On the Toutou Beach, a few rules must still be respected. Dogs can bathe in the water, but only in a demarcated area. And on the beach, animals must be kept on a leash.

“Access is still regulated,” says Nathalie Soriano. First category dogs, known as “attack” dogs, such as Mastiffs or pit bulls, are not allowed on the beach. Likewise, “guard” dogs, such as Rottweillers, must be muzzled.

The municipality also provides garbage cans with canine bags on the beach.

To ensure that the rules are respected, an “anti-incivility” patrol patrols several times a day.

Jimmy Comte with Laurène Rocheteau



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