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Lagny: the incredible outpouring of solidarity to find Nutty the cat

Philippe, a resident of Lagny-sur-Marne, created a Facebook group to find his cat, Nutty, who disappeared on April 30, 2022. ©DR

Inconsolable since the disappearance of Nutty, Philippe Piveron, resident of Lagny-sur-Marne, created a Facebook group to try to find his missing cat on April 30. Today, more than 80 people search with him. Like Martine, who herself has several cats:

I was touched by Philippe’s great distress. As soon as I’m in the neighborhood where she disappeared, I take the time to look for her and call her, and above all I support Philippe as best I can.

86 people looking for Nutty

“I wanted to create a synergy so that people are my eyes in the city. I was surprised by the solidarity people”, he explains after having sought all the traditional biases to find Nutty. The mobilization exceeded all his expectations so, despite the passing weeks, Philippe remains hopeful.

People are great. They send me photos, videos, some even go out at 10 p.m. with croquettes to try to find her.

Philippe is moved, almost confused by such solidarity. “I don’t know how I could thank them! » Just yesterday, Wednesday June 15, a member sent him pictures of a black cat. Philippe goes on the spot, but in vain.

It’s been 13 years since he adopted Nutty: “She’s the one who adopted me. She was with friends who only had males. She could not find her place and when I was there, she was always in my paws”. So one day, with the permission of his friends, he left with it. Since then, this kitten all black with yellow amber eyesnever left him.

I miss her terribly. We forge very strong bonds with animals.

Nutty is wanted
Nutty, 13, 4.5 kg, has tattoos but does not wear a collar. ©DR

Seen 3 weeks ago by “Nuttynauts”

It’s at work, near the senior residence La Sérénité, Rue Henri Dunant that Philippe lost Nutty. “She’s an indoor cat, but I sometimes take her to work, she can stay in a house,” he explains. On April 30, called for an intervention, all it took was a badly closed door for Nutty to escape.

three weeks later his disappearance, the Ukrainian residents housed at the residence sent him a video “I recognized her straight away”. Since then, there have been several alerts, but Nutty has still not been found. Philippe has even set up a few things of his own in a corner with a camera. He will have tried everything!

A lost cat, a found cat

Over the course of research, Philippe did find a black cat in Dampmart, hungry and hungry, but not his own.

Videos: currently on Actu

I call her Miss Doudou. I am still looking for its owner. She is tattooed, but the tattoo is strange, a little faded, with 4 numbers instead of 6.

Not having the heart to leave her in the pound, he welcomed her into his home and keeps his community of “nuttynauts”, as he calls them, informed of his research and procedures.

At the same time, research continues on rue Henri Dunant and all volunteers are welcome to be “eyes and ears”by Philip.

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