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Lakers already ready to relaunch a franchise for a major trade?

With Russell Westbrook’s disappointing performance, the Lakers find themselves in a difficult situation. The manager can be replaced soon, provided he finds a way out. Adrian Wojnarowski has just mentioned two teams to watch. Trades are expected to be traded in the coming weeks…

Lakers fans are waiting for only one thing now: Russell Westbrook’s future trade. The leader’s performance has disappointed, to the point that many are calling for his resignation today. According to the latest information from Adrian Wojnarowski, it will still be necessary to show some patience. The front office is still playing for time, at least until Thanksgiving.

An inevitable trade in Los Angeles?

The reason ? Especially the return of Dennis Schroder. This will allow Darvin Ham to change his rotations at point guard. We can imagine the titular German, while Westbrook will be limited to a role off the bench with few minutes upon arrival. In his latest article, journalist Kevin O’Connor explains. He warns that a trade is not planned immediately.

Adrian Wojnarowski has confirmed that a Russell Westbrook trade is not imminent, not until at least Thanksgiving. It is around the same period that Dennis Schroder returns to the list. The latter is arguably a much better point guard than Westbrook is today once he has the opportunity to return from thumb surgery.

Considering his EuroBasket, it’s easy to say that Schroder will do a much better job than Westbrook. Unfortunately, the point guard won’t return for a few weeks, limiting Ham’s options at the top. Once everything is set up, watch out for a possible trade. It’s on the side of the Pacers and Jazz to watch closely, according to O’Connor.

When the time is right, Los Angeles will explore many trades with the Pacers around Myles Turner and/or Buddy Hield. Those talks are on hold for now, but either player could bring a shooting/defense combination behind Anthony Davis.

Utah has also been linked to the Lakers for months. Before Bojan Bogdanovic was traded, the Angels offered Russell Westbrook, a future first-rounder and second-rounders for the veteran. Sources confirm that negotiations will resume between the two teams, with other players involved. The Jazz still have Mike Conley, Jordan Clarkson and Rudy Gobert – three shooting veterans.

There is no doubt that the Lakers will be looking for a trade in the coming weeks, but whether they find the exit door for Russell Westbrook remains to be seen. It is clear that the leader is no longer that welcome to the City of Angels right now. His departure is recorded, although it is still impossible to predict his future home.



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