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Lakers ready to make a strong decision, LeBron mad with rage?

The playoff run isn’t over yet, but the Lakers are at a turning point. Without Anthony Davis, the franchise is forced to respond in the coming weeks or face giving up a spot in the postseason. A trade might help, unless managers have another idea in mind. What provokes LeBron James personally.

With a 14-21 record, the Lakers find themselves in a very uncomfortable position in the Western Conference. There’s still time to recover, but we can’t see how Darvin Ham’s men will manage. Without Anthony Davis, injured for a few weeks, the mission seems impossible. So the managers would have decided behind the scenes.

Lakers criticized after their decision!

The goal for Rob Pelinka and Jeanie Buss has been clear for months: to strengthen this roster only if a trade brings in a star or a player capable of turning this team into a ring contender. But with two first-round draft picks to trade, the front office doesn’t have the necessary assets. According to the LA Times, Angelinos therefore decided … to do nothing.

The Lakers are seriously considering keeping their roster until the end of the season

Obviously, the Lakers are asking the players to fend for themselves. Some accuse Pelinka and Buss of having planned this from the start, as behind the scenes it is said that the owner is in financial difficulties. Recruiting a new player, potentially more expensive, is therefore not in his interest. Poor management in Los Angeles and the fans’ reactions say it all.

Knowing that LeBron James is asking for help, this news may not please him. The Lakers don’t want to budge, which was no doubt planned all along. The managers were simply waiting for an injury to find the perfect excuse. A cleaning is needed among the purple and gold, and not just among the players.



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