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landlords ready to strike

The President of the National Chamber of Owners of Louages, Adnene Allouche criticized the rise in fuel prices in the absence of an increase in transport tariffs. He recalled that the renters’ income depended on their daily income. He estimated that the government, within the framework of the 2023 budget, sought to set the price of a liter of diesel at 3.4 dinars. He believed that the continued rise in prices meant a complete cancellation of compensation.

Speaking on 24 November 2022 during the program “El Let’s read Let’s read“The host is Hamza Tayachi and broadcast on Oxygène Fm radio, Adnene Allouche returned to the drop in the price of a barrel of oil. He referred to the drop in Chinese demand due to the pandemic situation and the commitment fromSaudi Arabia by stabilizing the price per barrel. Sir. Allouche believed that the fall in the price of a barrel should lead to a fall in the price of fuel. Sir. Allouche believed that the government had failed and that the ministers had failed to guarantee social stability. He mentioned the fleet of vehicles and the fuel made available to ministers and senior representatives of the state. He claimed that tenants had made several proposals regarding compensation for fuel prices.

Adnene Allouche stated that he had asked the general management to review the prices of rental tickets before the end of 2023. She said she was ready to do it. He said Transport Minister Rabie El Majidi was aware of all these issues and requests from the National Chamber of Rental Owners after a meeting on November 21, 2021. Sir. Allouche confirmed that in the event of failure to reach an agreement with the general direction of transport, the 24 chairmen of regional premises were ready to respond. They will go to the Ministry of Transport. He also insinuated that a general strike at the three major stations in Tunis, namely Moncef Bey, Bab Alioua and Bab Saadoun.

We had offered compensation through the allocation of fuel vouchers… We had proposed fuel compensation for certain irregular transport vehicles, such as fishing boats or tractors that transport construction waste to illegal dumps… The experts have the opportunity to assess the consumption of the irregular means of transport, which the state can cover. We could make vouchers of one thousand dinars for monthly consumption, part of which is paid by the state… In all countries we choose to increase the tariffs… There have been five price increases during this year. Does Tunisia intend to stabilize the price of a barrel alone? Unfortunately, the government is in the process of canceling offsets in line with the IMF’s recommendations. “, he declared.

It is noted that several rental owners have hung “For Sale” signs on their vehicles in protest of the fuel price hikes announced on 23 November 2022.

It is a decision made by the Ministries of Industry, Mines and Energy and Finance. The new petrol and diesel prices are as follows:

Unleaded petrol : 2,525 TND

“Premium” unleaded gasoline: 2,855 TND

Sulfur-free diesel: 2,205 TND

“Premium” sulfur-free diesel: 2,550 TND

Regular diesel: 1,985 TND




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