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Lannion. Police rescue three dogs locked in direct sunlight

On three occasions the police intervened for dogs locked in cars in direct sunlight. ©Photo illustration

Passers-by did not hesitate, Friday, June 17, in the city center of Lannion. As the sun beats down, on three occasions passers-by called the police to come to the aid of animals locked in cars parked in the middle of a dodger.

“We break the window”

In these cases we try to contact the owners. If this is not the case, the window is broken and the animal is sent to the pound.

Commander Kerdraon

During the day, the police Lannion found the facts. Each time they were able to reach the owners of the vehicles who came to open the cars. People who went shopping and left their dog in a completely closed car.

Animals are protected by law.

Commander Kerdraon

A disgruntled person

One of the people called even took it rather badly according to the police. They did not, however, need to break any windows. But the case has already happened to Lannion.

At the announcement of the very high heat of the weekend, the police promise to be vigilant and to respond to calls for animals in distress in vehicles.

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