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Last straight line for the cash register form

It must be finally voted on today in the National Assembly. What paves the way for the next step: Modulate the rules according to the situation.

The new rules are starting to take shape. First, two criteria could be taken into account to determine the weather in the labor market: the number of vacancies and the unemployment rate.

Depending on whether the situation is green, orange or red, the duration of the compensation for the unemployed will be more or less reduced.

Reduction factor

A trade union official who is at the heart of the discussions explains: Today 1 working day gives the right to a compensated day, the management wants to set up a reduction coefficient so that a working day no longer gives the right to 1 day, but to 0, 80 or even 0.75 days compensated when all is well.

Specifically, an unemployed person who, according to the current rules, was entitled to, for example, 24 months of unemployment benefits, would only be entitled to 18 months in the green period.

Nothing has been finalized, but the government wants to move quickly. Yesterday, the social partners were called to a final multilateral meeting on 21 November.

The new rules will then be established by decree and should enter into force no later than February next year.

Caroline Morisseau with OC



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