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lawyer Pascal Garbarini responds after his indictment

The lawyer likes to recall it: he was once a boxer. A way to make it clear to his interlocutors, who would not have correctly interpreted this still massive stature but now dressed in costumes with sometimes baroque colors, that he does not intend to take a hit without returning it. His indictment, on June 14, for “criminal association” revolts him. Criminals with whom? Enough to ? Where is the evidence ? he hammers, when he receives us in his office.

The two Marseilles investigating judges who are leading several investigations into the Ajaccien criminal clan known as the “Petit Bar”, of which Pascal Garbarini is the historical lawyer, reproach him for his closeness to the alleged leader of the gang, Jacques Santoni whom he defends. Since twenty years. The magistrates consider that Me Garbarini exceeded his advisory missions, becoming a sort of right-hand man to Jacques Santoni, responsible for coordinating the defense of this clan reputed to reign over the entire south of the island.

CASE. The Petit Bar saga, the gang that reigns over southern Corsica

His three lawyers, Mr.e Anne-Laure Compoint, Patrick Maisonneuve and Francis Teitgen, have appealed the judicial review and will file a motion to nullify the indictment.

What are the reasons for your indictment for “criminal association”?

What is particularly striking about this case is that I am questioned about elements that have been in the procedure since January 2021: that is to say about sound

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