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lawyers. Family law: children first

The notion of the interest of the child has no strict legal definition, even if various texts outline its contours. “Each situation is assessed by the judge in concrete terms that is to say, starting from the elements of the concrete life of the child and his parents, explains Mr.e Corine Gaudilliere. The conditions of the physical, psychological and social well-being of the child or children are examined in detail by the family court judge. And as the judges are first of all women and men, nothing is ever acquired and the decisions can vary. “Some are more or less in favor of shared residence, for example”, illustrates Me Nadege Fusina.

“Post-sentence mediation”

In the event of disagreement between the parents on this important subject of joint custody, the lawyers bring as many objective elements as possible to the judge to enable him to make a decision, “but it is not easy”, assure the two lawyers . “Not only do you have to fill in all the…



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