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lawyers who are experts in support

Moyse & Associates brings together expert lawyers in various fields, working in particular in the handling of particularly complex litigation files. Among their challenges, that of finding solutions to all the legal problems, which are becoming increasingly important in today’s society, is a priority.

An expert firm for complex cases

Moyse & Associates, formed in 2020 by François Moyse and based in Luxembourg, brings together seven lawyers and associates. The firm advises and assists its clients before the Luxembourg courts, including the highest, such as the Constitutional Court, the Administrative Court and the Court of Cassation. Bringing together expert lawyers from different sectors, the firm enriches its network thanks to the contacts of each and the experiences of each lawyer. In addition, the study bridges many correspondents across Europe and the world. This international activity allows him to know colleagues specialized in different subjects and therefore, by extension, to direct his clients towards the structures adapted to the type of their file.

Moyse & Associates is committed to offering its clients the rich experience of its lawyers in dispute resolution. The ultimate goal being customer satisfaction through experience, deep reflection and legal strategy, i.e. three foundations applied to deal with each of the customer files. Continuing to expand its team, it offers a range of unique qualifications and skills in order to best meet the different demands of customers. And above all, to be able to accompany them throughout the judicial process.

Moyse & Associates: expert lawyers in support Moses & Associates

An expertise of excellence

Supporting clients is almost a mission of excellence for Moyse & Associates which, thanks to François Moyse, enjoys a solid reputation with more than 30 years of experience at the bar. The lawyers deal with the settlement of disputes, more particularly in economic criminal law, in human rights and fundamental rights, in private and public international law, in civil and commercial law, but also in administrative law and European law. Their knowledge and experience of all the actors of Luxembourg society are beneficial to them as well as to the clients.

The law firm is led to prevent these risks by advising its clients, rather than leaving them to be confronted with proceedings before a court. This would entail having to defend oneself in long, complex and costly proceedings. It is therefore hand in hand with the client that Moyse & Associates works to ensure the smooth running of the business. Specialized in complex cases, this law firm exercises a long and rigorous work as well as an adequate legal strategy. This turns out to be absolutely necessary. Such strategies are particularly important in tax litigation cases, for example, or in criminal matters. Indeed, including requests for the release of seizures when there are any or, in the event of requests for damages for the victims of the offenses represented. It is therefore necessary, according to François Moyse, to endeavor to put in place a clear strategy from the start in each legal case. This investment by companies in close and constant collaboration with lawyers makes it possible to optimize legal assistance to economic players for each file. These must be defended irreproachably in court. It is therefore thanks to the experience and reputation of Moyse & Associates that the client is supported and defended in the best possible conditions.

Support when the law becomes more complex

The law has become seriously complex for economic actors in recent years. Indeed, it has become necessary to adapt the laws inherent to the evolution of the current society. Thus, business law is becoming more and more thorny, confronted with increasingly restrictive standards. Indeed, such as in terms of money laundering or even the principles of binding law in terms of the environment as well as human rights which are now essential within companies. It is therefore a question of adapting its strategy before the courts, in particular in view of the risk of increasingly complex financial and economic procedures.

This complexification of the law turns out to be a significant risk for companies and other economic players. Especially since in Luxembourg, the criminal risk is gradually increasing in view of the new imperatives, which must therefore be properly controlled. Also, the need for advice and support is increasing, and this is where the lawyers of Moyse & Associates come into play. Indeed, they allow entrepreneurs to assess the risks based on their actions, but also advice on their activity. Economic actors are therefore advised to request a legal assessment in good time, depending on the potential risks of their activity.




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