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Legislative debate in the Pyrénées-Orientales – First constituency: two lawyers face to face, the verdict Sunday at the polls

First candidates from between the two rounds to compete against project against project in front of the cameras of lindé, this Tuesday morning, the RN Sophie Blanc and the macronist Romain Grau will compete next Sunday for the first constituency of Pyrénénes-Orientales.

Two lawyers to carry two voices. On one side of the table, on the far right, Sophie Blanc, deputy mayor RN Louis Aliot and regional councilor. She came “present the program of the National Rally and Marine le Pen”. On the other, the outgoing deputy of the presidential majority Romain Grau, “a child of meritocracy, fervent defender of moderation and the Republic”he said.

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Between the two, a world of political ideas separates them. However, the tone will remain courteous for 45 minutes. Without sleeve effects or big flights. Camped on their respective positions, each pleads calmly but firmly for his parish on the themes imposed by the editorial staff: the impact of the city center on the constituency, retirement, security, trade and inflation.

The opportunity for Romain Grau to reaffirm that the future courthouse of Perpignan is recorded. “The cranes will land”assures the candidate behind by some 2,200 votes on Sophie Blanc ranked well ahead of the first round. “I’m going to get the 20 points I need to win among abstainers, republicans and patriots of all persuasions”, she announces. While Romain Grau, he calls for a republican front, a civic responsibility.“I fundamentally believe in it and as a deputy, I know that it is the right method to effectively defend the territory’s files with Paris.”

Purchasing power divides

Proof of this is the reinforcements obtained in terms of manpower and resources for the national police and gendarmerie. Tit for tat, Sophie Blanc opposes the opening of five municipal police stations and the hiring of thirty additional city police officers. “which contribute to answering 80% of calls automatically switched from 17 to PM”.

No longer agree on the retirement age, at 65 for Romain Grau, they agree however on a necessary increase in small pensions. “But magic money doesn’t exist!” ignites Romain Grau to whom Sophie Blanc responds with a list of savings to be made “on tax and social fraud, as well as in matters of immigration”.

Purchasing power, finally, also divides the contenders. If for Romain Grau the anti-inflation measure must go through a reduction in social and wage contributions, for Sophie Blanc the VAT must be reduced to 5.5% on energy products and abolished on the hundred basic necessities. Next meeting at the polls, June 19.

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