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“Like master, like dog”: do our dogs really have the same character as us?

Dogs are well known for being man’s best friend. But all races are not unanimousand this because of the character traits associated with them. Indeed, according to a recent survey by the English Canine Association, TeaKennel clubthe personality of a master agrees with that of each animal, but also with the general character of the race from which it comes.

To reach this conclusion, the members of the association questioned over 1,500 dog owners from 13 popular breeds in England Jack Russell, Cocker Spaniel, Border Terrier, English Springer, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, Whippet, Golden Retriever, Labrador, Pomeranian, Dachshund, German Shepherd and Chihuahua.

Participants were asked to rate their own personality traits against five criteria: extroversion, openness, amiability, emotional stability and conscientiousness. Each also mentioned the breed of dog they liked the most. Thus, the sponsors were able to compare the personality traits of the masters according to their dog. “It seems like we can often tell a lot about a person depending on the type of dog she owns“, said Bill Lambert, member of the Kennel clubto DailyMail (source 1). And to add:

It is striking how many people subconsciously choose dog breeds with personalities that match their own character.

To each breed of dog, its master

Owners therefore tend to share common temperaments with their dog:

  • The owners of jack russell terriers stand out for their loyalty and reliability.
  • The owners of cocker spaniel stand out for their curiosity and their family spirit.
  • The owners of border burrows are generally charming, lively and exuberant.
  • The owners of english springer tend to be reserved and punctual.
  • The owners of staffordshire bull terrier tend to be affectionate and trustworthy.
  • The owners of miniature schnauzers are loyal, faithful, conscientious, organized and respectful of the rules.
  • The owners of whippets like new experiences, have a lot of hobbies and like to take risks.
  • The owners of golden retrievers are the most friendly, emotionally stable and positive.
  • The owners of Pomeranians are the most passionate and free-spirited.
  • The owners of labradors are also very friendly, but also stable and versatile.
  • The owners of dachshunds are the most trustworthy.
  • The owners of german shepherdss are most likely to help others.
  • Finally, the owners of chihuahuas are also reliable and dominant.

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