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Lodévois-Larzac: for Bernard Jahnich, “we must be ready to deal with crisis situations”

The mayor of Saint-Jean-de-la-Blaquière is responsible for risk prevention in Lodévois-Larzac.

Bernard Jahnich, you obtained a vice-presidency on December 8 in the municipal community, how do you assess this appointment?

It is above all a vice-presidency of Saint-Jean-de-la-Blaquière, the 4th commune of Lodévois and Larzac, which finds its place in the executive power. With what my colleague from Bosc Jérôme Valat got last year, the southern part of Lodève is well represented today.

You have to be in charge of risk prevention, a new delegation?

That is it. Risk prevention and management, a delegation not found in the other two intermediate communes of Cœur d’Hérault. It should lead us to the realization of a cross-municipal protection plan the size of the 28 communes of Lodévois and Larzac.

It’s a good thing, we see it with the latest news, climate change. Municipalities and elected officials must be as prepared as possible to deal with extraordinary situations as soon as they arise, together with emergency services.

Exactly what kind of risks are there?

I think of the floods that hit the territory in 2014 and 2015, or the recent news about the fires that occur every summer, and in Saint-Jean, unfortunately, we know what we are talking about. For flood risks, some municipalities such as Lodève or Pégairolles are ready, others are less so.

The idea is to be able to alert quickly, gather our forces and our funds, so that solidarity is organized. Also to anticipate by treating and securing the banks of waterways thanks to Gémapi’s expertise (water environment management and flood prevention).

What about fires?

There is already a good network in Lodévois with rescue centers in Caylar, Lodève and Saint-Jean-de-la-Blaquière. We must work with the risk of forest fires, define the risk areas with an impact on urbanisation, inform and insist with the citizens on the clearance obligations that we face with my fellow mayors. I would also like to create an inter-municipal committee on forest fires by sector of the territory.

There are dangers on the roads…

Yes, with the A75 motorway, which sees an average of 27,000 vehicles a day, including 3,000 to 4,000 HGVs. In the event of an accident or rerouting, traffic must be controlled on secondary roads and village crossings. In case of snow further north and closure of the motorway, you must also be ready there. We are in Caylar, a little less south of Lodève.

How will you organize yourself?

It is a fascinating topic that I know well from my professional experience as a firefighter in the Hérault. It takes a long time. To carry out this delegation, I will form a team of selected resources, volunteers from January. We will of course also turn to SDIS 34, but also government services, law enforcement and neighboring communities to be the most responsive and effective in case of crisis management.



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