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lost, the cat Pacha has found his masters… near Toulouse

Pasha is curious, he loves to explore his environment… Driven by curiosity, he ventured one day a little too far from the owner’s motorhome, stopped in Chaource on the way to vacation.

Perhaps he wanted to visit the Chaourçois but by escaping the vigilance of his masters, his flight lasted many weeks !

Thanks to his identification, it was easier to go back to the owners… in the Toulouse region! What happiness when they received the phone call informing them that Pacha had been found!

Identification is mandatory

In France, the identification of domestic carnivores is governed by the law which provides for several regulatory provisions.

The mandatory identification of dogs, cats and domestic carnivores stipulated in article L.212-10 includes, on the one hand, the marking of the animal by tattooing or any other process approved by order of the Minister responsible for agriculture. and, on the other hand, registration in the file(s) provided for in article D.212-66. Information allowing the animal to be identified.

Indeed, just as you have an identity card or a passport, your feline must also have its own papers! And this greatly increases the chances of finding a lost pet.




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