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Maaf third party car insurance: for which driver profiles?

Third party car insurance is the most basic formula offered by insurance companies. However, it is the one that offers the most minimal guarantees and limited protection to the insured. Still, this type of contract is the ideal alternative in many cases. If you are considering taking out third-party car insurance before going on holiday, the formula offered by Maaf is one of the most advantageous. For this purpose, you need to find the driver profiles to which this formula corresponds.

Owners of old and used vehicles

If you own one car more or less old or a used car, Maaf’s third party car insurance formula is the ideal insurance formula for you. In fact, for example, when you are involved in an accident on your way to the holidays, it is at the price of Argus that the majority of insurance companies provide reimbursement of the value of your vehicle.

It does not depend on the chosen formula, the principle is the same regardless of the type of insurance you have taken out. It should be noted that for a value below 3000 euros, the vehicle in question is considered to be of low value. Thus for an old car model or a vehicle used, as you insure, it is usually a vehicle with a lower value.

Choosing a more or less economical insurance formula is in this case a very wise choice. For this purposeinsurance auto on third of Maaf is a better option. Although the insured with the guarantees in this formula is less protected, the savings to be made over a year, for example, with this insurance company will be a great asset to you.

For example, you can maintain your car budget, enough to ensure the repayment of your used car loan or take out an optional guarantee to complete your protection.

Distressed owners and young owners

Third party car insurance is also a much more suitable formula for car owners who occasionally use their vehicle. So if you plan to buy insurance for a car that you use less (that you park most of the time), it is contract third party insurance from Maaf is the ideal formula to choose.

For good reasons, the guarantees of a third party car insurance will be more than sufficient to cover your car. Additionally, profiles such as young drivers and poor drivers are those for which Maaf’s third party car insurance will be best suited. Yes, minimum warranties to better preserve your car budget. Very favorable in addition to owners with small budgets.

Customize your third party car insurance with Maaf

Car insurance

Due to the somewhat limited protection offered by third party car insurance at Maaf, each insured has the option of supplementing their coverage with other additional guarantees. This in particular with the savings that he will have generated with the third party insurance agreement.

Therefore, while staying within the standards of his car budget, he will be able to benefit from a better one cover over. The available guarantees are different and by targeting the possible risks you may incur, you will know which ones are ideal to best match your car insurance policy. Offered guarantees such as 0 km breakdown assistance, increased compensation, car loans, etc.



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