Magali Berdah vs Booba: Their lawyers speak out!


By Maureen Peron

– Published on Jul 23, 2022 at 6:30 PM

Between Magali Berdah and Booba, the legal battle is on! Their respective lawyers decide to speak… Nextplz reveals everything below!

The Booba case against Magali Berdah takes a rather unprecedented turn! Indeed, the rapper is ready to do anything to destroy the business of product placements. Off, we remind you that it is the main livelihood of the agent of stars. The one who, would be too redone, has several times called for help. ” Two months of going through this every day, night and day, it’s very hard, even inhuman! And sometimes I can’t! I take it upon myself every day not to answer, but I’m a human being “. ” What are we waiting for here? That I throw myself? Or that I get killed by all these dangers that have been threatening me with death for 2 months! Until when ? If I had the slightest thing to blame myself for on product placements, I would have been condemned for that a long time ago! And this is not the case! “.

Magali Berdah: The case takes another turn

Accused of harassment, the rapper is in the sights of justice. Indeed, the reality TV priestess receives, in huge quantities, anti-Semitic slurs, death threats and insults. If, she has already won a battle against her rival, the war remains to be won. The businesswoman’s lawyer describes her client as “a Jewish woman, a self-made success woman, pilloried on social networks”. In addition, the lawyer explains that the harassment experienced by Magali forced her to “emergency move”.

For his part, Booba’s lawyer is ready not to let go: “We are going to show the public prosecutor what we understand about this system […] and we will ask everyone to assume their responsibilities. There is a system of influencers which consists of abusing people, selling them anything without any verification. “. So how far will this story go? Nextplz keeps you posted!


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