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MAINTENANCE. Jubillar case: “There is no evidence to support the thesis of innocence”, says one of the lawyers for the civil party

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Philippe Pressecq, lawyer for the civil party, represents one of Delphine’s cousins, returns to the Jubillar case.

You represent a close cousin of Delphine Jubillar, what is your feeling about this crucial audience?

I am absolutely convinced that Cédric Jubillar will remain in pre-trial detention for the same reasons as the investigating chamber, which has repeatedly decided to refuse his requests for release. I see two main reasons: since the start of this case, in December 2020, there is not a single element that supports the thesis of his innocence. All the elements contribute to his guilt. There are the lies of Cédric Jubillar, from the first days of his wife’s disappearance, such as the fact that Delphine went out in the middle of the night to walk the dogs, his story of the evening during which everything would have gone well…

Philippe Pressecq, civil party, represents one of Delphine’s cousins.

Except that the judges have uncovered details that contradict him, his fiddling about his schedule, the meaning of the car and the expertise are still ongoing. The last judgment of the investigating chamber points to three pages of serious and consistent evidence, so the file is far from empty. The second reason for his continued detention is the exceptional disturbance of public order in this highly publicized case. Public opinion would not understand his being released.

In the absence of a body and a crime scene, how can this instruction evolve?

Justice can of course do without the absence of a crime scene and the body of the victim. There have been several criminal cases without a body in the past. We must not forget that if the instruction, in the eyes of Cédric Jubillar, is stalling, it is primarily because of him. He wastes a lot of court time and the judges are obliged to do research on the basis of his statements otherwise they could be blamed for not having searched. This whole instruction is polluted with its own statements. We just ask him to tell the truth and be honest. If Delphine Jubillar is the woman of his life, the first thing would be to confess. However, elements accumulate, the puzzle of the truth is put in place.

What to think of the statements of the former cell neighbor of Cédric Jubilllar?

There is no reason to give credence to the statements of this former cell neighbor. All this is window dressing thrown by Cédric Jubillar to pollute the investigation a little more. It is not in these pseudo-confessions that the heart of Cédric Jubillar’s guilt is to be found. He denies and does not want to incriminate himself.

Google has still not collaborated with French justice on Cédric Jubillar’s GPS data before the disappearance of his wife. Does this worry you?

It is edifying to note that two friendly countries are struggling to collaborate on the judicial field. I am certain that if the French justice system manages to obtain the data of his movements before the disappearance of his wife, via Google, we would all be flabbergasted. But despite this, Delphine’s cousin and her friends are determined, they will not give up and are convinced of Cédric Jubillar’s guilt.



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