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“Many passers-by stop me in the street so much I look like my dog”

It is often said that dogs look like their masters. With Harriet, 28, there is no doubt that this saying holds true. As our colleagues from the Daily Mirror reveal, this young woman who lives near Manchester is often stopped by strangers who explain to her that she looks like… her dog.

Like Harriet, her little poodle “Boo” has beautiful red curls. And yet, the young woman had not even noticed this resemblance when she adopted her.

“It did not occur to me,” she explains in the columns of the Mirror. “It wasn’t until I got home and looked in the mirror that I realized we were…identical. »

Boo was only two months old when she was adopted by Harriet, who lives in Didsbury on the outskirts of Manchester (UK). “This resemblance, it was not intentional, I really liked red poodles. I found them magnificent, ”she adds in the Mirror. “Family and friends also say we look alike. Mom even calls us the two redheads”

In real life, Harriet is a dog groomer… but also an actress. “We’ve auditioned together for pet commercials before, and sometimes I think the reason we didn’t get the part had to do with our stereotypical resemblance.”

Harriet describes Boo as an extremely playful, friendly and sociable dog: “She likes to choose her moments of affection, but you will always see her playing with a toy,” she explains. “She’s not one to sit down and thinks it’s fun biting my feet while I’m going up the stairs”

Harriet started her own grooming business ‘POOCH Bespoke Dog Styling’ in Manchester. “Boo throws temper tantrums in the bath like any other child when ‘bath time’ is announced… But she loves having her hair done on the table with scissors and clippers. »




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