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Mass recall in France, do not eat this food sold in this supermarket, because it is dangerous, it is jam

Did you recently get a jar of jam from a Carrefour supermarket? Be very careful. Indeed, there is a potential risk of glass, metal, plastic, paper or textile breaking in this fruit and sugar preparation. Find out without further delay what jam it is.

Why are certain products to be recalled?

This phenomenon occurs as soon as there is the slightest risk of food poisoning due to the presence of bacteria such as salmonella or listeria in the products. This can be product recalls due to the presence of foreign bodies such as pieces of plastic or metal, but also labels that do not mention the presence of so-called “allergenic” ingredients such as gluten, eggs or the fruits…

Many recalled products

The Carrefour brand calls on its customers not to consume these products and to bring them back to the store for a refund. It is also possible to contact the brand’s consumer service if you have the products to be recalled.

There are more and more products that do not meet current health standards. From Jardin Bio bouillon cubes to Buitoni pizzas or Kinder chocolates… For more than a year, 4,803 food product recall procedures were recorded, ie more than 400 recalls per month on average.

A jar of strawberry jam

The product subject to this recall procedure is a 370g jar of Carrefour Original brand strawberry jam. This was sold between May 2 and June 20 in all Carrefour stores. It concerns batches F101 and F102 with the international article number (GTIN) 3560070369690. For this product, the date of minimum durability is fixed at April 2024.

What are the risks for this product?

When ingested, foreign bodies potentially present in these jam jars (glass, metal, plastic, paper, textiles, etc.) are likely to cause injury and/or other adverse effects. It is therefore recommended, as a precautionary measure, to people who have these products never to consume them.

Sausages to remember

Launched by the Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF) in April 2021, the platform lists all product recalls classified by category (food, hygiene, beauty, house, housing, etc.), with the exception of medicines.

In addition to the jar of jam which was recalled very recently, the dry sausages sold by the same distributor, namely Carrefour, have just been withdrawn from sale and are the subject of a recall in store. Why ? This would contain foreign bodies (glass, metal, plastic, paper, textiles, etc.) which could be dangerous if ingested.

The site invites customers not to consume this product and to return it to the point of sale as soon as possible.

The product affected by the recall

The product subject to this recall procedure is the Jesus de Lyon sausage from the Reflets de France brand (600 g bag). This sausage was sold between March 14 and April 21 in all Carrefour stores. This is lot 205080 with an International Trade Item Number (GTIN) of 3560071431839. The minimum durability date for this product was April 29, 2022.



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