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Massive recall in France at Leclerc and Lidl, above all do not consume these foods which would contain too many pesticides, these are salads

The first supermarket recalls

Many products are being recalled at this time. The daily life of the French is jostled between inflation, shortages and mass recalls. It becomes really complicated for the French to do their shopping in order to eat. When basic food products like flour and preserves are out of stock and the only products available are very often subject to recalls in supermarkets such as Lidl and Leclerc. In nearly a year, more than 4,700 items have been recalled from food...

It is first Buitoni pizzas as well as Kinder chocolates which, at Easter time, were recalled at the supermarket. Chocolates and pizzas have been victims of food contamination. The risk with this range was mainly E.Coli bacteria. These bacteria can cause severe dehydration, which can even become fatal.

Then there were the vegetable broths sold at Jardin Bio. These broths were also recalled following contamination.

Canned goods from Carrefour were also suspected of contamination. These products have been manufactured and/or stored under conditions that do not allow satisfactory health guarantees to be provided” read the reminder message.

Today isIt is the turn of the salads from Lidl and Leclerc which are affected. Various salad bags were contaminated following exposure to insecticides. A salad that is not very healthy…

A salad far from healthy?

The website Reminder Conso ( announced that several sachets of salads sold throughout France by Leclerc and Lidl must be brought back. Indeed, these salads contain a high rate of insecticide called Chlorpyrifos. This insecticide in the human body in a small amount mainly causes excess saliva, headaches and dizziness. However, in large amounts, it can cause vomiting, muscle cramps and even loss of all coordination. It is therefore imperative to bring these products back to the supermarket.

Leclerc: reminder object

Two types of salad are being recalled at Leclerc. These two 200g sachets are the heart of lettuce and the sweet melee, from the “Notre Jardin” brand. The shelving of these two products was made from June 10 to 20. Drink reminder Explain : “For the heart of lettuce, only products bearing the additional code 06 following the barcode 3564700179376 and for the 200g sweet melee, only the products bearing the additional code 03 following the barcode 3564700993675 are affected by the recall” . If you are concerned, please return these products to the relevant supermarket.

Lidl: a supermarket also impacted

In addition, two types of salad are also being recalled at Lidl this time. The oak leaf (125g), sold between June 10 and 20, but also the heart of lettuce (125g) sold between June 11 and 19.

Drink reminder warns the French not to eat these salads and to bring them back to the supermarket concerned as soon as possible. If the products have already been consumed, and you experience side effects, call your doctor who will tell you what to do.




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