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McDonald’s: a student is delivered a surprising McPlant!

Students ordered a McDonald’s and received a strange burger with a label indicating the presence of ketamine.

Two young Canadian students placed a McDonald’s order and received a strange burger. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

McDonald’s menu changes

In recent weeks, McDonald’s fans have seen some changes to the menu of their favorite fast food restaurant. Indeed, some new products are coming.

Last January, the yellow M firm added a vegan burger to its permanent menu. This helps to avoid losing customers who have chosen to change their way of life. But also to attract even more people.

In 2021, the chain tried the McPlant. And this burger vegan is a hit. Today, this product is therefore entitled to its place on the permanent menu of American fast food. At the moment it is not available than at McDonald’s in the UK and Ireland.

Another novelty, this time more recent, the end of the big fries. Due to the shortage, several countries have been affected. Last January, it was Japan that suffered from shortages of French fries. Indeed, these fries come from Canada. And because of floods, lThe portions weren’t the same.

So McDonald’s had to temporarily remove the large fries from the menu. At the moment, fast food is therefore having difficulty in satisfying everyone.

Canada is full of anecdotes with McDonald’s. This is the case of two students who received a somewhat special order. MCE TV tells you more!

McDonald’s: a student is delivered an amazing McPlant!

A rather special McPlant

Canadian students Emily Somers and her boyfriend Zac Parker had an anecdote. After a drunken evening, they ordered a McDonald’s.

But the 21-year-olds were shocked when Emily’s McPlant burger arrived with a handwritten label on it, reading: “Ketamine only”.

Emily, then think that the personal McDonald’s may have teased her about the “only ketchup request” she made for her meal.

“We were so confused. It was so random. This suggested that they had mixed my burger with drugs”, she explains.

“I removed everything and inspected it because I had to check if it had been tampered with. I took it pretty well at first, but then I figured if it was a mom ordering it for a kid. You can not [écrire] that. It’s inappropriate”she added.

She said she never thought there was really ketamine in her McPlant. But the label made it “anxious” and has “created doubt” in his mind.

McDonald’s said it has ” investigation “ about what happened at his fast food restaurant in Kirkstall and “had found nothing to suggest that the box had left the restaurant in this way”.

The fast food giant gave Emily a £7.50 voucher, but that’s less than the £19 Emily spent on her order. Uber Eats said it spoke to the courier who made the delivery and says he did not interfere with the order.

This is not the first time that McDonald’s has not reassured its customers. A young woman was once frightened by the XXL packaging of a sauce.



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