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McDonald’s creates a drive to pick up orders faster!

McDonald’s has decided to make some changes to its drive system. Learn about the change in question in this article.

Coming back from a night out or resting on Sunday night… Obviously, going to McDonald’s is always good. However, some customers get demoralized when they see it the endless queue at the drive-thru. But what if it no longer existed?

Stand in line

Because yes, that is the question we can ask ourselves when we observe the new drive system in a McDonald’s in the United States. Yes, once again it was our neighbors across the Atlantic who came up with the idea. And even if you find it brilliant, you have to be patient to enjoy it too.

But what is it really about? Above all, it is better to remember whatt drive system. Even if everything is already in the title. The goal is to place an order at McDonald’s from your car. Without going.

This will save you from getting soaked if it rains. Or simply because you are too lazy to get around on foot. Speaking of lazy, the fast food chain recently pulled out a gaming chair. Can heat up your burgers.

This means that the brand thinks about your happiness and, above all, your comfort. To return to the drive, you should know that many things have changed in recent years. Especially with the arrival of smartphones and apps.

In fact, thanks to them, it is now possible to prepare your McDonald’s order even before you go there. This allows you to join the queue and simply pay in the terminal. To then pick up your order.

Whether it’s a great taste, or a new chicken burger, you will always find what you need in your bag. But on top of that, you will have saved a lot of time. And this ordering system before you go to McDonald’s seems to have given some ideas.

McDonald’s creates a drive to pick up orders faster!

New drive for McDonald’s?

Considering that in the United States, a franchise restaurant has expressed its desire for change. At least that’s what they know our colleagues from the Journal des Femmes. The medium made it known that the head of the establishment realized several things recently.

According to him, fewer and fewer customers are going to McDonald’s drive-thru kiosks to order the new hot sauce or a burger. Given that the majority of customers have already placed their order on the app of the brand.

In fact, all that is left for them is to pick up their order to go and taste it. But the customers in question still have to wait in line before they get it. So the manager of this McDonald’s got the good idea to make special airlocks.

This with that purpose recover the already paid order. Without having to queue for the drive. A bit like a classic drive that you find in the supermarket. Even better, the media let it be known that a localization system has been added.

This allows for locate when the customer who is near the restaurant. To start preparing the order in time before its arrival ». Hope this system comes to France soon.



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