Home Kitchen McDonald’s: the crazy story of the famous Big Mac finally revealed!

McDonald’s: the crazy story of the famous Big Mac finally revealed!

McDonald’s: the crazy story of the famous Big Mac finally revealed!

A true success story since its creation, the Big Mac is McDonald’s most iconic hamburger. But do you know his legend?

The undisputed star of McDonald’s, the Big Mac is a hamburger that everyone knows. But do you know the history of this unchanged recipe since its creation? MCE TV tells you from A to Z.

A constantly renewed McDonald’s menu

Established worldwide, McDonald’s and its success story need no introduction. In France, the company opened his first restaurant in 1979.

It was in Strasbourg, and since then we can say that they have mushroomed everywhere. It must be said that fans of fast food will find their account.

Because at McDonald’s, it’s easy to have fun at low prices. For a few euros it is possible to treat yourself to complete menus that are constantly renewed.

To keep up with the times, McDo’ has thus recently re-evaluated its menus and now offers vegan options a vegan burger.

Made with vegan meat and vegan cheese made from pea protein, it also comes with a vegan sauce. This recipe has already been approved by many fast food fans.

But if the newly arrived burgers pique customers’ curiosity, some specimens that have been on the menu since the beginning are still popular. Such is the case with the indestructible Big Mac.

Having become an icon in his own right, his name is synonymous with legend. Composed of two chopped steaks, melted cheddar, onions, pickles and an incomparable sauce, it has delighted McDonald’s fans for decades.

But do you know his story? Created by businessman Jim Delligatti, Big Mac is a success story. This was first introduced in 1967.

The birth of a legendary burger

At the time, Jim Delligatti, manager of a McDonald’s franchise, was looking to renew his card. That’s when he got the idea of this double decker burger. And it was immediately the jackpot!

Soon Jim Delligatti could only see that his idea was the right one. So much so that less than a year after its launch, McDonald’s Corporate informed its creator about it Big Mac was to be distributed throughout the country.

But there was still a problem to be solved. What was the name of this double decker burger? Originally dubbed “The Blue Ribbon Burger,” the final name for the burger was eventually coined by a woman.

It is at Esther Glickstein Rose, secretary in the advertising department at McDonald’s, that we owe the name Big Mac. A name that the bosses of the 21-year-old young woman at the time did not particularly care for.

But over time, the latter, both simple and catchy, ended up impressing itself. However, it took Esther Glickstein Rose to wait 17 years to be recognized as the creator of the name of the famous hamburger.

In the US alone it would sell for nothing less than 17 Big Macs every second. That’s more than 550 million a year, just in Uncle Sam’s country. So we’ll let you do the math for the rest of the world…


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