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McDonald’s: two customers pick up their drive order on horseback!

In a McDonald’s located in the Landes, two customers came to pick up their order by riding a horse…

There are various ways to collect a McDonald’s order. But the one used by these two clients in the Landes probably surprised everyone. Indeed, two women recovered their drive while they were on a horse.

The huge fine for the firm

But before talking about this command, let’s go back to an important piece of information about McDonald’s. Indeed, if you did not know it, the firm has just been “condemned” to pay a huge sum of money. In order to evade taxes.

Because yes, if you didn’t know, McDonald’s was in the crosshairs of French justice. And it has been for a few years now. In any case, this is what our colleagues from BFM said on June 15.

“French justice suspects McDonald’s, in the crosshairs of the French tax authorities since 2014. Of having artificially reduced its profits in France. Through royalties paid to its European parent company. Based in Luxembourg ». Explained the media.

And if you’re wondering how much the fine that the fast-food chain will have to pay, be aware that this is very high. Indeed, it is 1.245 billion that McDo will have to pay. But by doing so, she will avoid other worries.

Because yes, by submitting to this request, McDonald’s will avoid a tax audit which could cost them much more. In any case, many people are delighted with this decision. Starting with Eva Joly.

The former politician being none other than the plaintiffs’ lawyer. This is why it is a great victory for her, but not only. According to him, this court decision will help to get things moving.

McDonald’s: two customers pick up their drive order on horseback!

They collect their McDonald’s drive on horseback

“The size of the fine is a deterrent. And risks changing the practices of large groups in terms of transfer pricing”. Rejoices Eva Joly. Because with such a “punishment”, other groups will undoubtedly be afraid.

But thanks to this, McDonald’s will be able continue to serve its customers in France. And avoid having to close certain points of sale. Good news for all fans of burgers and wraps served by the brand. No doubt what these two women think.

Because yes, as we let you know above, two women, who live in the Landes, stood out a few hours ago. Not by doing a scandal in the restaurant. But arriving in a strange way.

We have already seen customers walk to McDonald’s to pick up a drive-through order. On the other hand, no one had seen customers arriving on horseback. Yet this is what a mother and a daughter did as it is known our colleagues from Ouest-France.

The moment was filmed and shared on Facebook. And of course the video quickly went viral. It remains to be seen whether this will give ideas to other customers. Maybe a fad will soon emerge. In order to find out who comes up with the wackiest way.



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