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Médusa Prize 2022: Cédric Parys, Bruno Beaucamp, Arthur Fantauzza and Théo Briand ready to fight

It is one of the finest events for apprentices and jockeys. The Medusa Prize, contested every year in Vincennes, is one of the races that counts for young drivers. Won by the excellent Elie de Beaufour last year it will pit 16 horses this year. Among them some very good trotters. We have contacted four apprentices, all of whom will have a good chance of winning. They tell us about their journey and their one-night partner.

Day de Bellouet – Cédric Parys: “I feel ready for tomorrow. This is the race to win this year.”

I have a good year with almost 30% wins. The goal is to continue this good momentum. It is clear that my goal is to become a professional. I have 42 wins including 36 in France, I’m not far off. In the long term, the mission is to continue driving for the team by gaining experience. I can’t wait to ride tomorrow at Vincennes. The Médusa Prize is the Prix d’Amérique for apprentices. Everyone is looking forward to this race. It is the most important of the year. I prepared well. Day de Bellouet is ready, he has already faced better competitors. If we succeed in moving forward, we can roll out.”

Choosing to join the Hunter Valley stable has boosted my professional experience. I was able to win races, take charge in the stable. It was a really profitable choice. Have confidence from the owner, Matthieu Millet, but especially the house trainer, Tomas Malmqvist, was very important in my development.”

Fakir du Ranch – Théo Briand: “Next year I aspire to be the best apprentice in France!”

I have a little pressure, it’s logical, it’s my first Medusa award. It is the most beautiful race for us apprentices. It’s already nice to be able to drive it, it would be even better to get a good result there. My experience increases with time, I am more and more respected. I will ride the best horse in the stable tomorrow. He is complete, he can do everything. It’s been a while since the stress turned into extra motivation. This year I will gain as much experience as possible. From next year I strive to become the best apprentice in France! Since I was little, I have been immersed in this environment, I perpetuate the line a little. My father (Yannick-Alain Briand) teaches me everything. We have a father-son relationship, but it’s still my job, I have to stay professional. It’s a happy medium, and that’s how great it is.”

Gamay de l’Iton – Bruno Beaucamp: “The horse is good, we will fight for the first three places.”

I’m sure about the Medusa award. Gamay de l’Iton is in good form, he is picking up speed. He should fight for the podium. It is the most beautiful race for apprentices. There is even a group winner. I don’t put pressure on myself. At the moment I have 46 wins, goal number 1 is to turn pro. Afterwards, I will continue to win victories for the team, that is my priority. Having Hugues Levesque with you is optimal. It prepares me very well to become a professional. I can safely continue to cope with the training with Tiphaine Levesque.

El Presidente – Arthur Fantauzza: “I don’t put much pressure on myself, I have a very good horse.”

This award is very symbolic for apprentices. This is our Prix d’Amérique. The race will have a special flavor. I am sure I will run with a healthy horse. Kévin Devienne, who looks after him in the stable, told me he was at 300% (laughs). He is a horse that likes to run bruised. I can’t see him getting out of the top 3. As for me, I’m confident. I don’t put a lot of pressure on myself. I’m already focused: no regrets tomorrow! I already have 36 wins, pro status is fast approaching. I hope to have it mid 2023. Until then I’m focusing on my remaining races.”

Find the top 5 apprentices who are engaged this Tuesday in the Medusa Prize for the year 2022:



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