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Mental load of women: it also applies to pets!

The mental load is illustrated in many forms: professional, medical, sexual… At home, it is largely the responsibility of women : for example, picking up the children from school while at the same time thinking about the day’s shopping list and buying kibble for the dog. Just as the medical burden falls primarily on women, having pets can represent an element of mental load in its own right.

This is confirmed by an Ifop survey carried out for the company VetoCanis among 963 people (France) who have a pet at home (or who have owned one). Buying kibble, changing the litter, taking the dog out, filling the bowl, planning appointments with the vet, organizing care during the holidays…

According to the survey, these daily tasks are performed by 81% of women surveyed, compared to 64% of men.

The mental load linked to the presence of a four-legged friend at home can even become source of tension within the couple : 31% of those surveyed admit to arguing about this. For some of them, this dispute can even lead to rupture : 10% of the women questioned (against 9% of the men) explained that they broke up with their spouse because the latter refused to take care of them. For 15% of the women questioned, the misunderstanding of a partner with the pet has already been at the origin of a rupture. Men are 9% to mention this same reason for separation.



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