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Meowing: 5 things your cat is (desperately) trying to tell you, and that you will finally understand!

Cats make sounds to communicate their feelings or desires. The sounds made by cats can be translated into human language by purring while grooming, hissing at other animals, or even hissing at another cat. Cats can make a variety of sounds to express their emotions. The best known are hissing, purring, meowing and purring.

The classic “meow” cat sound is the most common. This sound is generally used to attract attention. Kittens meow almost continuously, seeking attention, love, milk, or attention from their mother.

The different types of sounds made by cats

The standard cat sound: This is the most common type of meow you hear. This type of meow is usually of medium length and medium height. This is a sign that your cat is asking for something. Depending on the context, you can try to figure out what it’s asking for.

A short “meow”: It’s a way of greeting the owners. He may also be asked to rub his paws.

A long and prolonged meowing from your cat: This is a sign that your pet is asking for something. You can hear it reminding you to eat or go out. Some owners complain that their pet wakes up hearing this meow when it is ready to eat breakfast.

Repeated meow A constantly repeating meow indicates that your cat is excited.

A high-pitched meow This meow sounds more like a scream due to its pitch. That’s what he often means! When your cat is suddenly shocked or in pain, you will hear a high pitched sound.

A serious meow This sound can be translated by a groan, or a complaint of long duration. This sound is more of a continuous complaint than a request for attention. This expression can be used when dinner is over and the bowl is empty.

Purring: Purring is often thought to be a sign of pleasure. Research has shown that purring in cats can be used as a form of self-soothing. Your pet may be exhibiting other symptoms, such as reassurance or purring without provocation.

Chattering or tweeting: Some people call it a chirp while others call it chatter. There are many theories as to why cats squeal, but most believe it is due to their natural hunting instinct. It can be frustration when your cat can’t see the birds through the window. It can also be excitement in anticipation of a successful hunt.

meow: a meow is a high-pitched sound produced when a cat is hot. This phenomenon is more common in cats that have not been sterilized. Cats lash out at their sex to get the attention of the opposite sex when in heat.

Hiss: Cats are known to hiss at other animals. They may get involved in territorial disputes or engage in another type of cat fight. If your cat’s hiss is not accompanied by any cues, it may be a sign that your pet is not feeling well. Unprovoked hissing may indicate that your pet has an undiagnosed illness.



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