Home Insurance Missile in Poland, Boyard-Hanouna clash, unemployment insurance … the information to remember this afternoon

Missile in Poland, Boyard-Hanouna clash, unemployment insurance … the information to remember this afternoon

Missile in Poland, Boyard-Hanouna clash, unemployment insurance … the information to remember this afternoon

Information to remember

The investigation continues into the missile that hit Poland and killed two people on Tuesday evening. Traces of an accidental launch from Ukraine are emerging and are being supported by Westerners, including the United States, while Ukrainian authorities maintain that it was a Russian missile.

At the end of the morning, the Ukrainian president, questioned by Bloomberg, gave a more measured speech. “I don’t know what happened this time, we don’t know 100%, I don’t think the world knows 100% either,” he said. But I am sure there was a Russian missile and we used air defense missiles (…) But we have to be fair and honest, until the investigation is over, we cannot say what was the type of missile whose fragments fell on Polish territory,” he added.

At the same time, Ukraine continues to suffer from Russian strikes. Especially in Dnipro, where fourteen people were injured, including a 15-year-old girl. In the Kharkiv region, according to the Ukrainian authorities, three people were also injured in a strike and hospitalized.

What else is there to remember?

  • Clash Boyard-Hanouna. Arcom launches a sanction procedure against C8. A week after the argument between the presenter of “TPMP! ” and the deputy LFI, the Audiovisual Regulatory Authority (formerly CSA), assessed that the channel was in a situation of relapse, without the basis of its services being specified at the moment. In case of sanctions they can range from fines to program suspension. In the most extreme case, a revocation of the channel’s permission to broadcast can even be imposed. The process should take several weeks.
  • Midterms in the US. According to American media projections, the Republicans should just exceed the threshold of 218 seats in the House of Representatives, synonymous with a majority. “Americans are ready for a new direction and House Republicans are ready to act,” said House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy. Joe Biden congratulated them and said he was ready “to work with anyone — Republicans or Democrats — willing to work with (him) to take action.”
  • The Blues have arrived in Qatar. The French team took up residence in Doha on Wednesday late in the day, staying at the Al Messila Resort, west of the city. Randal Kolo Muani, called up after Christopher Nkunku’s injury, joined his teammates on Thursday morning at 5:30 from Tokyo, where he was with his Frankfurt club. The France group, led by Didier Deschamps, is complete. Follow our live.
  • Unemployment insurance. Parliament must on Thursday finally adopt the bill that paves the way for a graduation of unemployment insurance in relation to the economic situation, despite opposition from the left, the far right and the trade unions. The government did not have to resort to the constitutional weapon 49.3 thanks to an agreement reached with the right wing.
  • Tougher penalties for sexist insults. Members of Parliament voted on Wednesday evening for stricter punishment for the perpetrators. Sexist contempt, specifically introduced to deal with “street harassment”, refers to imposing on a person “a statement or behavior with a sexual or sexist connotation”, undermining their dignity or creating an “intimidating, hostile or offensive”. The voted article aims to make it a crime. The fine can go up to 3,750 euros against 1,500 euros at the moment.

it concerns you

Parents, be careful if you post pictures and other videos of your children! Defender of Rights calls for vigilance regarding their privacy. In an annual report published on Thursday and which “Le Parisien” was able to consult in preview, Claire Hédon questions the exposure of the youngest on social networks.

Especially potential facts about “cyberbullying, cybersexism, online hate, etc.”. The 70-page document also deals with physical, sexual and psychological violence against children. Some parents, including reality TV influencers, create accounts dedicated to their toddlers’ antics, which can have hundreds of thousands of followers. “It may seem zealous, but in an ideal world, parents should ask their children, even young ones, if they are okay with having their picture posted on Instagram,” concludes Claire Hédon.


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