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Montauban. Hélène Fasan sang for Chats Libres

She had not brought Syan, her pretty British shorthair, but Hélène Fasan gave a superb concert at the church of Villenouvelle, for the benefit of the association Chats Libres de Montauban which is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Intervening since 2012 in different municipalities of the department, when they request it, the emergency services provided by volunteers are highly appreciated. The Montalban association has chosen to act according to the very effective CSR method: Capture, Sterilize, Release, as required by the decree of April 3, 2014 which requires the mayor to justify any recourse to the pound and his possible refusal to implement a sterilization program.

Thanks to this law, a town hall can no longer refuse the outstretched hand of volunteers who offer field actions and financing. Individuals can contact the association to report stray cats in their neighborhood. 06 01 35 43 87. Everyone can support the association financially or by donations in kind: pies, croquettes, dewormers, etc. but also by becoming volunteer feeders. Throughout 2022, anniversary events will support the association. friends and the Stéphane Lamart Foundation. The association also takes legal action in cases of mistreatment of cats.

For fans of Hélène Fasan, next concert in Montauban, August 15 at the Saint Jacques church which offers very good acoustics.



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