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Montpellier / news: homeless, they let go of the dog that bit two people

The china for a homeless couple, released voluntarily, caused two victims to be bitten by the dog (©dr)

On the day of 31th Decemberaround 2:30 p.m., Rue Proudhon Near fine artan argument soured between owner of a bar space and two homeless peoplea man and woman respectively the age 29 and 39 yearsand lives in a nearby household.

The tone rose quickly…

According to testimony, these two people who had consumed alcoholmade the sleeve on the terrace a little too strong… Then the boss would have asked them to leave the premises but the tone rose, the situation irritated the woman in particular.

The dog let loose on the two victims

In the rue Proudhon, the latter, to lend a hand to his companion, who was quarreling with the boss, released his dogwhich had two victims (42 and 63 years old): the owner of the bar and a customer came to intervene, both bitten. In addition, the customer fall to the ground when attacking the dog, so will it hit several times of the woman.

Victims treated at the scene

The two victims hurt to leg and to thighShould be looked after on site of firefighters. The two became homeless quickly apprehended of the municipal police and referred Monday in court. To everyone’s surprise, the couple was despite the seriousness of the facts and testimony relaxed. The dog was entrusted to SPA.

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