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Multi-recidivist kleptomaniac cat breaks into store to steal stuffed animals (video)

As soon as he saw a row of stuffed monkeys hanging in a shop, a stray cat went out to collect as many as he could. Passersby saw him at work and filmed the scene. Shared on TikTok, the video has a total of 4.3 million views.

The theft of several stuffed animals by a street cat prompted giggles from the people who attended and filmed the scene. The video, conveyed by Newsweekwent viral in no time.

A user of TikTok calls himself Chezcone was passing in front of a shop when he realized that a cat had just come out and was dragging a stuffed monkey in its mouth. It was most likely a woman, with a calico dress. The majority of domestic felines with tortoiseshell or calico (white associated with tortoiseshell) fur are in fact cats.

Chezcone followed the animal with his gaze as it joined the opposite pavement where 3 other of his catches were already lying. The cat therefore now had 4 stuffed monkeys, but she was not to be satisfied with that.

Illustration of the article: A chronic kleptomaniac cat breaks into a store to steal stuffed animals (video)
Chezcone / TikTok

And one more for the road…

The rest of the sequence shows her actually crossing the street again to return to the store, where the toys hanging on a display near the door continued to attract her irresistibly.

With a light and determined step, she climbed up the 3 steps of the establishment, set her sights on a red monkey, picked it up and then left with it. A man, probably an employee or manager of the store, tried in vain to pursue her, but the cat was too fast for him. She was already with her precious booty across the street.


Just wanted a friend… #cat #cyprus

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? original sound – Connor Cutts

If the scene has something to smile about, the behavior the cat exhibits may hide something much sadder. As one of the people who commented pointed out, it could actually be that she had and lost little ones and that these stuffed animals serve her in a way to compensate for this absence.




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