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Murder of little Ethan, 3 years old: the general attorney requested 30 years of criminal imprisonment

For more than two years, Martin Barison, an Italian imprisoned and accused of the aggravated murder of little Ethan in Nîmes on the night of November 9 to 10, 2019 in Nîmes lied, manipulated his interlocutors and designated Sirad, the mother who he believed was guilty. of this unprecedented violence.

For two years and seven months, Martin Barison, an Italian imprisoned and accused of the aggravated murder of little Ethan, aged three in Nîmes, lied. To exculpate himself, he also manipulated each other. He multiplied the declarations, letters, used the testimony of a fellow prisoner to smear and designate Sirad, Etha’s mother who was, according to him, guilty of this unprecedented violence. The mother will also be indicted for the murder of her little boy and has been dismissed. She spent a year in pre-trial detention. “Why did you put together this scenario? asked this Thursday Eric Emmanuelidis, the president of the assize court. “I was scared. I was trying to get out of it by all means.” “You wanted revenge on the mom?”, continued the magistrate. “Sort of. Yes. I loved him. I had him in my skin.” “And for what reasons, didn’t you try to save Ethan”then asks Advocate General Willy Lubin “I didn’t think it was that bad. I didn’t mean to kill him.” Another question among many others that must have haunted the jurors during this second day of hearing: why massacre Ethan and spare his little brother who was in the room? Because it was the “pet” of the woman he loved and whom he watched and harassed, agrees the accused. “I tell myself that I’m a coward… It was hard. I didn’t tell the truth right away. Today I’m telling the truth. I lied to everyone. It was the survival because it was impossible to accept it”, attempts to explain the accused answering questions from his two lawyers Me Florence de Prato and Pierry Fumanal. “The lies, the manipulations, the letters, wasn’t that a way of hurting Ethan’s mother?” asks Me Pierry Fumanal. ” Yes”responds the accused. “When you were hitting, who were you hitting?”, insists Me Florence de Prato. “She…I’m sorry. My heart aches when I think of Ethan.”

The verdict is expected on Friday

A final medical report commissioned by the investigating judge changed everything in February 20121. Me Florence de Prato, the lawyer for this ex-legionnaire ended up convincing him to reconsider his first accusations against the child’s mother. At the helm this Thursday, this 30-year-old young man explained in a toneless and unaffected voice that he had hit Ethan, the little victim with kicks and punches. While recalling that he did not want to kill him. In Italy, his parents and his sister were convinced of the innocence of this boy who, without telling them, had joined the foreign legion after having worked in masonry. ” He has always been a good boy”, describes the mother. In tears, she then speaks to Sirad, the mother of little Ethan. “I’m a mom like her… It’s awful. I apologize to him on behalf of my son.” Thursday evening, the Advocate General, Willy Lubin requested 30 years of criminal imprisonment with a two-thirds security sentence. “You killed Ethan out of cowardice, said the Advocate General. Instead of facing the mom, you chose a child. Sirad would have reacted to the blows. This baby only had his tears, his little arms to defend himselfDefense lawyers pleaded late last night. The verdict is expected on Friday.



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